Jorgensen, Richard Emil 1a 2a 3

Birth Name Jorgensen, Richard Emil 3
Birth Name Jorgenson, Richard E 1a
Birth Name Jorgensen, Richard 2a
Gender male
Age at Death 94 years, 6 months, 8 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1894-08-01 Hjorring, Klastrup Cty, Jylland, Denmark Birth of Richard Emil Jorgensen
2a 3a
Census 1920-01-05 Richland, Montana, United States Census of Esther J Jorgensen

Relationship to head: Son

Sex: Male

Color: White

Age: 25

Single, married, widowed or divorced: Single

Year of immigration: 1910

Naturalized or alien: Naturalized

Able to read: Yes

Able to write: Yes

Place of birth: Denmark

Mother tongue: Danish

Place of birth of father: Denmark

Father's mother tongue: Danish

Place of birth of mother: Denmark

Mother's mother tongue: Danish

Able to speak English: Yes

Occupation: None

Marriage (Groom) 1923-04-29 Andes, Richland Cty, Montana, United States Marriage of Richard Emil Jorgensen and Eva Elizabeth Jorgensen
Death 1989-02-09 Cameron, Missouri, United States Death of Richard Emil Jorgensen


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Jorgensen, Iver Christian
Mother Hansen, Ane Margrethe
    Brother     Jorgensen, Kristian Jorgen
    Brother     Jorgenson, Oscar
         Jorgensen, Richard Emil
    Sister     Jorgensen, Anna Margarete
    Brother     Jorgensen, Johannes
    Brother     Jorgensen, Axel


Married Wife Jorgensen, Eva Elizabeth
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1923-04-29 Andes, Richland Cty, Montana, United States Marriage of Richard Emil Jorgensen and Eva Elizabeth Jorgensen


This note is from Beverly Peterson's family tree:

Richard & his brother Chris came to the Sidney, MT area in the spring of 1912. Richard worked for George Dore southwest of Sidney on the old Lambert road (14th Street S.W.). Oscar worked for Thorwald Jensen who was renting Peter Anderson, Sr.'s farm at Ridgelawn. Chris filed on a homestead in the Andes community. The younger brothers were still at home. Richard worked on his parent's farm or on Chris's homestead until he was married.

Richard married Eva Elizabeth Jorgensen on Sunday, April 29, 1923 at her parents home in the Andes community. The Lutheran minister, Rev. Carl Nelson, came from Sidney, led the regular church service, and then officiated at the wedding ceremony. The community friends and neighbors attended. Richard's brother Chris and his sister Esther were the attendants.

Richard enlisted in the army in 1918 and trained near Portland, Oregon. He was getting ready to go to France when the war ended. He was discharged January 1919.

Richard remembered his parents telling that while they were moving to Hjorring with a team and wagon, the wagon upset, as it had narrow wheels.



Facts about this person:

Fact 1
Went by train to Erwin, South Dakota.

Fact 2
Worked for a cousin in Erwin, on a farm.

Alt. Fact 2 1912
Moved with his parents to Sidney, Montana.

Fact 5
Worked for farmers in the Sidney area.

Fact 6 1918
Enlisted in the army.

Immigration March 1909/10
Left Denmark, sailed from Copenhagen on the ship, Titcan.


Religion 1929
Danish Lutheran/joined RLDS Church in 1929



  1. Jorgensen, Iver Christian
    1. Hansen, Ane Margrethe
      1. Jorgensen, Kristian Jorgen
      2. Jorgenson, Oscar
      3. Jorgensen, Richard Emil
        1. Jorgensen, Eva Elizabeth
      4. Jorgensen, Anna Margarete
      5. Jorgensen, Johannes
      6. Jorgensen, Axel


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        Name: Richard Jorgensen
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        Died: 9 Feb 1989
        State (Year) SSN issued: Montana (Before 1951)

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