Zoppi, Ernest Elmer 1a 2a 3a 4a

Birth Name Zoppi, Ernest Elmer 3a
Birth Name Zoppi, Ernest E 1a 4a
Gender male
Age at Death 68 years, 6 months, 13 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1923-07-24 California, United States Birth of Ernest Elmer Zoppi
3a 4a
Marriage (Groom) 1953-12-04   Marriage of Zoppi, Ernest Elmer and Winter, Annarose Irene
Death 1992-02-06 Solano, California, United States Death of Ernest Elmer Zoppi
3a 4a
Burial after 1992-02-06 Sunrise Memorial Cemetery Burial of Zoppi, Ernest Elmer


Married Wife Winter, Annarose Irene
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1953-12-04   Marriage of Zoppi, Ernest Elmer and Winter, Annarose Irene



Ernest Elmer Zoppi
--Father: Henry Zoppi (born in California; race "Indian [Native
America]" on 1930 US census)
--Mother: Ruby Sandoval (born in XYZ: race "Indian" on 1930 US census)
I can't make out where Henry and Ruby and their parents were born.

I cannot find any more information on Henry Zoppi.

Ruby Sandoval's parents were Juan Pablo Sandoval and Savina Westgate.
I cannot find anything on Juan Pablo. (Sandoval is a Spanish surname,
and Juan Pablo are Spanish names.)
--Savina Westgate's father (Frances Westgate) is from the United
Kingdom. His parents are also from the UK,
--Her mother, Soledad Briones, was born in Mission Dolores, San
Francisco, California. Soledad's parents...unknown. (Birones may be
a Spanish surname.)
--Savina Westgate was buried at as "Indian cemetery" in Tomales, Marin
County, California.

Tomales was founded by 1854, which is when the first post office was
opened. Before Europeans settled here, it was hom to the Coast Miwok
tribe. Savina was born in 1863, and her mother, Soledad, was born in
1828. It's possible that Soledad was part of the Coast Miwok native
Americans. Before California owned their land, Mexico owned it (up to
about 1863).

I don't know if there is any Coast Mikow in Grandpa Zoppi's ancestry,
on his mother's side, but it's possible. I also don't anything about
his father's side. If Henry Zoppi was Native American (or had a
Native American mother), it might be likely that they were not
included in censuses due to living in Native American villages.


Type Value Notes Sources
Mother's Maiden Name Sandoval


    1. Zoppi, Ernest Elmer
      1. Winter, Annarose Irene

Source References

  1. California Marriage Records
      • Page: County File Number: 29348; State File Number: 75315*
      • Citation:

        Last Name: Zoppi
        First Name: Ernest
        Middle Initial: E

        Last Name: Winter
        First Name: Annarose
        Middle Initial: I

        Location of Application:
        County: 70 (Los Angeles)

        Ages of Applicant:
        Age of Groom: 30
        Age of Bride: 33

        Date of Marriage:
        Month: 12
        Day: 04
        Year: 53

        Date of Applicaton:
        Month: 12
        Year: 53

        Local Data:
        County: 70 (Los Angeles)
        File Number: 29348
        State Data:
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  2. Sunrise Memorial Cemetery
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  3. California Death Index, 1940-1997
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        Name: Ernest Elmer Zoppi
        Social Security #: 554246448
        Sex: Male
        Birth Date: 24 Jul 1923
        Birthplace: California
        Death Date: 6 Feb 1992
        Death Place: Solano
        Mother's Maiden Name: Sandoval

  4. Social Security Death Index
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        Name: Ernest E. Zoppi
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        Born: 24 Jul 1923
        Died: 6 Feb 1992
        State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951)