Jorgensen, Kristian Jorgen 1a 2

Birth Name Jorgensen, Kristian Jorgen 2
Also Known As Jorgensen, Chris 1a 2
Also Known As Jorgensen, Christen 2
Gender male
Age at Death 85 years, 6 months, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1890-11-16 Bindslev, Vendsynnel, Denmark Birth of Kristian Jorgen Jorgensen
1a 2
Residence 1909 Irving, South Dakota, United States Residence of Jorgensen, Kristian Jorgen
Residence from 1912 to 1934 Andes Community Residence of Jorgensen, Kristian Jorgen
Residence from 1916 to 1934 Southwest of Sidney Residence of Jorgensen, Kristian Jorgen
Residence about 1934 Sidney, Richland, Montana, United States Residence of Jorgensen, Kristian Jorgen
Death 1976-06-06 Community Memorial Hospital Death of Kristian Jorgen Jorgensen
1a 2
Burial after 1976-06-06 Sidney Cemetery Burial of Jorgensen, Kristian Jorgen


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Jorgensen, Iver Christian
Mother Hansen, Ane Margrethe
         Jorgensen, Kristian Jorgen
    Brother     Jorgenson, Oscar
    Brother     Jorgensen, Richard Emil
    Sister     Jorgensen, Anna Margarete
    Brother     Jorgensen, Johannes
    Brother     Jorgensen, Axel



This note is from Beverly Peterson's family tree:

Chris was a very devout Christian. He donated to many church-related groups. He spent the last years of his life at Richland Homes, a nursing-home facility.

Beverley D. Peterson: Chris had pure white hair by the time I got to know him, about 1949, and had a white mustache. He was a very distinguished man with a thick Danish accent. He seemed to me to be more of a listener than a talker. Later he shaved off his mustache and it took all of us by surprise. It was so much a part of him, that he just didn't look like himself without it. He spent much time alone. He was very generous to his church and to various Christian charities.

Facts about this person:

Fact 1 March 1909/10
Left Denmark and sailed from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Fact 2
Went by train to Irving, South Dakota.

Alt. Fact 2 1912
Homesteaded, Andes community, Sidney, Montana.

Fact 5
Moved to farm northwest of Sidney.

Fact 6
Spent later years in Richland Homes,Sidney, Montana.

Fact 7 August 31, 1912
Homestead: SEC27/TWP26/RGE55, Richland Cty, Montana.



According to Gorden Lee Morrison: "Chris never married that I know of and owned a farm outside of Sidney. Very quiet and very religious. This was taken at Grandma's house in Sidney, probably at Christmas and during the early/mid 60s. Late in life, Chris lost a leg due to gangrene and was moved to the Sidney nursing home. He enjoyed being there and made a number of friends. He passed away around 1969."


Type Value Notes Sources
Religion Lutheran


  1. Jorgensen, Iver Christian
    1. Hansen, Ane Margrethe
      1. Jorgensen, Kristian Jorgen
      2. Jorgenson, Oscar
      3. Jorgensen, Richard Emil
      4. Jorgensen, Anna Margarete
      5. Jorgensen, Johannes
      6. Jorgensen, Axel


Source References

  1. Billings Gazette (Newspaper)
      • Date: 1976-06-08
      • Page: 1976-06-08, Page 17, Column 5, Obituary for Chris Jorgensen
      • Citation:

        Local and area deaths


        SIDNEY — Services for Chris Jorgensen, 86, of Richland Holmes, will be at 11 a.m. Thursday in Pella Lutheran Church with the Revs. Milan Ingman and Alton Hillesland officiating. Burial will be in the Sidney Cemetery.

        Mr. Jorgensen died Sunday in Community Memorial Hospital.

        He was born Nov. 16, 1890, in Bindslev, Denmark, a son of Iver and Margrethe Jorgensen. He and two brothers came to Irving, S.D., in 1909.

        Mr. Jorgensen had homesteaded in 1912 in the Andes Community and farmed there until 1934 and then farmed southwest of Sidney for 18 years until he moved into Sidney.

        He was a member of the Pella Lutheran Church of Sidney, and a former member of the Brorson Lutheran Church.

        Survivors include two brothers, John Jorgenson of Chicago and Richard Jorgensen of Cameron, Mo.; two sisters, Mrs. I.J. Peterson Sr., of Sidney and Mrs. Russel Pritchard of Whitewater, Wis.

        Fulkerson Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

  2. Beverley Peterson's Family Tree