Morrison, Lydia Ann 1a 2a

Birth Name Morrison, Lydia Ann
Birth Name Morrison, L A 2a
Birth Name Morrison, Lidely 1a
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1868 Pennsylvania, United States Birth of Lydia Ann Morrison
1a 2a
Census 1870-06-01 Brokenstraw, Warren, Pennsylvania, United States Census of Leon Earl Morrison

Age: 2

Sex: Female

Color: White

Place of birth: Pennsylvania

Census 1880-06-01 Warren, Tennessee, United States Census of Leon Earl Morrison

Color: White

Sex: Female

Age: 12

Relationship to head: Daughter

Single: Yes

Occupation: At Home

Attended school within the census year: Yes

Place of birth: Pennsylvania

Place of birth of father: Pennsylvania

Place of birth of mother: Pennsylvania



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Morrison, Hugh Gilbreth
Mother Turner, Christia Jane
    Sister     Morrison, Luna May
    Brother     Morrison, Ernest Eugene
         Morrison, Lydia Ann
    Brother     Morrison, Leon Earl
    Sister     Morrison, L A
    Brother     Morrison, Harry McMaster


  1. Morrison, Hugh Gilbreth
    1. Turner, Christia Jane
      1. Morrison, Luna May
      2. Morrison, Ernest Eugene
      3. Morrison, Lydia Ann
      4. Morrison, Leon Earl
      5. Morrison, L A
      6. Morrison, Harry McMaster


Source References

  1. 1870 United States Federal Census
      • Date: 1870-06-01
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  2. 1880 United States Federal Census
      • Date: 1880-06-01
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