Fausnacht, Isreal 1a 2a

Birth Name Fausnacht, Isreal 2a
Birth Name Fausnact, Israel 1a
Gender male
Age at Death about 22 years, 14 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth calculated about 1881-01-03 Ohio, United States Birth of Fausnacht, Isreal
2a 1a
Census 1900-06-01 Noble, Richland, Illinois, United States  

Relation to head: Son

Single, married, widowed or divorced: Single

Color: White

Sex: Male

Month of birth: January

Year of birth: 1881

Age: 19

Place of birth: Illinois

Place of birth of father: Ohio

Place of birth of mother: Ohio

Can read: Yes

Can write: Yes

Can speak English: Yes

Death 1903-01-17   Death of Isreal Fausnacht
Burial   Linden Lawn Cemetery Burial of Isreal Fausnacht


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Fausnacht, John Jacob
Mother Cordier, Mary Teresa
    Brother     Fausnacht, Elijah
    Sister     Fausnacht, Phoebe
    Sister     Fausnacht, Clara M
    Sister     Fausnact, Margaret Olivia
    Sister     Fausnacht, Frances Josephine
    Brother     Fausnacht, Lewis
         Fausnacht, Isreal


From Find a Grave:

22y 14d

This suggests he was born Jan 3, 1881.

The International Genealogical Index may list his birthdate as:


  1. Fausnacht, John Jacob
    1. Cordier, Mary Teresa
      1. Fausnacht, Elijah
      2. Fausnacht, Phoebe
      3. Fausnact, Margaret Olivia
      4. Fausnacht, Frances Josephine
      5. Fausnacht, Isreal
      6. Fausnacht, Clara M
      7. Fausnacht, Lewis


Source References

  1. 1900 United States Federal Census
      • Date: 1900-06-01
      • Page: Roll: T623_338; Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 124
  2. Linden Lawn Cemetery
      • Page: Gravestone for Isreal Fausnacht (????-1903)