Frantz, Thiebaud 1a

Birth Name Frantz, Thiebaud 1a
Gender male
Age at Death about 81 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth between 1770 and 1779 Alsace, France Birth of Thiebaud Frantz
Immigration 1826 Stark County, Ohio, United States Immigration of Francois Claude Menegay
Death about 1851 Louiseville, Ohio, United States Death of Thiebaud Frantz


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
         Frantz, Thiebaud


Married Wife Menegay, Francois Claude
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage about 1799   Marriage of Thiebaud Frantz and Francois Claude Menegay
  1. Frantz, Francoise Francis
  2. Frantz, Marguerite
Type Value Notes Sources
Number of Children 11


    1. Frantz, Thiebaud
      1. Menegay, Francois Claude
        1. Frantz, Marguerite
        2. Frantz, Francoise Francis


Source References

  1. Cordier-Ham and Related Families
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        From user "klc711" in the tree "Cordier Family Tree".

        This information is from a genealogical book, "Cordier-Ham and Related Families" written in 1975 and revised in 1987, by Mildred Cordier (daughter of Ira Cordier, granddaughter of Joseph Cordier).

        Parents of Joseph J Cordier: Charles Anckly Cordier and Francoise (Frances) Frantz:

        Charles Anckly was born on 31 Oct 1813 in Masevaux, France and legitimized by act of marriage in 1824, when his name was changed to Charles Cordier. Presumably Charles Cordier came to the United States in 1833. No ship record has as yet been found of the arrival of Charles Cordier in the United States, but it is assumed he came from LeHavre to New York and then by canal and overland to Ohio. A number of Masevaux, France people also went to Stark County, Ohio with or at about the same time as Charles. Among them were Moetz, Vignos, and Gutsman. Charles became a naturalized citizen and received a fair education and was well fitted to enter life when he reached manhood. Charles married Frances Frantz on Feb. 12 1835 in Stark County, Ohio.

        Frances Frantz was born on 03, Sep 1815 in Bourgogne, Alsace, France. She emigrated from France to Stark County Ohio in 1826 with her parents Thiebaud Frantz and Fran├žoise Meneguet or Menegay,who were both born in Alsace, France in the 1770's and married about 1799. They had 11 children. Father: Thiebaud Frantz died around 1851 in Louisville, Ohio. Mother: Fran├žoise Frantz died on 30 Nov 1869 in Louisville, Ohio.

        Charles and Frances had seven children. Charles had bought and was running an oil well, which he made frequent trips to until one trip in 1848, from which he did not return home. The family feared he had been murdered for the considerable amount of gold he carried on his person. What happened to the oil well following Charles' disappearance is unknown He was considered lawfully dead after seven years.

        Frances Cordier relied on her sister Margaret and brother-in-law Jonathan Gans for support until her sons were old enough to assume the family responsibilities. In 1860, they were all living in two households in Cairo, Lake Township, Stark County. In 1866, Frances Cordier moved from Ohio to Illinois, to live with her daughter Mary Fausnacht. She lived there until her death on May 29, 1880 in Noble Township, Richland County, Olney, Illinois, where she is buried in Liberty Lawn Cemetery.


        Parents of Charles Anckly Cordier: Francois Cordier and Therese Anckly

        Francois Cordier, son of John Claude Cordier, was born on 22 Feb 1796 in Petitefontaine, near Masevaux, France. He was known as a weaver, lumber dealer and land owner, whose holdings in France were considerable. On April 28, 1824 he married Therese Anckly. Therese Ankly was born in 1793 is Masevaux, France and is the daughter of Jacques Anckly, keeper of carriages, who died 17 Nov 1823. Her mother was Therese Arnold, who was living and attended the wedding of her daughter. Therese also had a brother, who later had a son, Joseph Anckly.

        When Francois married Therese Anckly, he adopted her two small children, Charles and Caroline, who are now believed to be his own illegimate children. In January of 1825, Therese gave birth to a son, Francois Joseph Cordier, who died at 8 years of age. Therese Cordier died on January 5, 1853 in Masevaux, France., at which time both of her parents were dead and she was the owner of their lands. Francois Cordier died in 1856.


        Parents of Francois Cordier: John Claude Cordier and Marie Anna Peltiere

        John Claude Cordier, was born in 1766 in Petitefontaine, near Mulhouse, Alsace, France and died after 28 Apr 1824. He was present at his son Francois' wedding. John Claude Cordier married Marie Anna Peltiere, who died on October 7, 1801 in Petitefontaine, near Masevaux, France