Wilson, Isabella 1a 2a 3a

Birth Name Wilson, Isabella
Married Name Morrison, Isabella 1a 2a 3a
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Immigration (Family) about 1805 Centre County, Pennsylvania, United States Immigrated from Ireland to Centre County, Pennsylvania, United States.
Residence (Family) estimated between 1806 and 1816 Cornplanter, Venango, Pennsylvania, United States  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
         Wilson, Isabella


Unknown Partner Morrison, Hugh
  1. Morrison, John Boyd


    1. Wilson, Isabella
      1. Morrison, Hugh
        1. Morrison, John Boyd


Source References

  1. Samuel Morrison of Bucks and Lycoming Counties Pennsylvania and Some of His Descendants
      • Date: 1936
      • Page: Page 11
      • Citation:

        About the year 1795, a small group of families took up land in northeastern Venango county, Pennsylvania. Some authorities persist in saying that they were “Irishmen,” immigrants from Tyrone county Ulster; that they came up the Susquehanna, Sinnemahoning, the Driftwood branch, and thence across by portage to the headwaters of the Allegheny; improvising rude boats, they floated down the river. They are known to have settled within the present limits of Oil Creek township. A Hugh Morrison is known to have been in this party. His name is found on the tax list of Warren County in 1806 as the owner of 400 acres. He married Isabella ______ and died in Pleasantville, Penna. 1839, aged 79 years, leaving children Hugh, Thomas, Joseph, William, James, and John. Thomas[2] Morrison (Hugh[1]) of Venango and Warren county was a veteran of the war of 1812, and married into the Hunter family which later was prominently identified with the development of Tidioute. Members of this branch of the family still reside in Warren County. John Morrison who served as court crier in Franklin for many years, and died there 1848 aged 98 years, took an active part in the opening of the first court in Warren county 1819. At the present time there is a locality in Oil Creek township Venango county known as Morrison Corners. The account ledgers of the early traders at Franklin show that a John and Samuel Morrison were among their patrons between the years 1794 and 1800. There is the possibility to explore that they were sons or brothers of James Sr. of Warren county.
        The circumstantial evidence at hand seems to indicate that the Venango county family is distantly related to the Warren county branch.

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