Klotz, Reuben 1a

Birth Name Klotz, Reuben 1a
Gender male


Unknown Partner Klotz, Esther
  1. Klotz, Richard M
  2. Klotz, Tom


    1. Klotz, Reuben
      1. Klotz, Esther
        1. Klotz, Richard M
        2. Klotz, Tom

Source References

  1. Obituary for Richard Klotz
      • Citation:

        Richard KLOTZ dies in Des Moines

        Richard KLOTZ, 70, of Des Moines, formerly of Columbus Junction, died Tuesday morning, May 14, 1985, at a Des Moines hospital.

        He was born August 1, 1914, the son of Reuben and Esther KLOTZ. He was raised in the Columbus Junction area.

        Funeral arrangements are pending in Des Moines.

        Mr. KLOTZ is survived by his wife, Ruth; one daughter, Holly of Chicago; and one brother, Tom of Clearwater, Florida.