Mistaken Monday: Finding the Right Ancestor

Back when I was starting out, I found the wrong George W. Fritz and family, and added them to my tree. It wasn’t that I was missing sources—I had censuses of George before and after marrying Birdie, after all—but rather I was missing the right sources.

Where did I go wrong, and how could I have avoided this? I’d best start from the beginning.

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Blogging Prompt: Mistaken Monday

Even though I haven’t used them much yet, I love the idea of blogging prompts, which GeneaBloggers runs every day.

One of the reasons I decided convinced myself to start “Beyond a Sapling” was because I knew if I lacked anything to write about, I could check the blog prompts for inspiration. And now that I’ve posted a few items, I’ve thought of a blog prompt of my own: Mistaken Monday.

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