Gramps: Find a Grave

Find a Grave provides a wealth of information that won’t be found anywhere else. You never know if searching for an ancestor will return a match, giving you the cemetery where your ancestor was buried. Often you’ll also find the birth and death years (possibly even dates), and checking the cemetery listing may return a few of your ancestor’s relatives. Even better, some pages will include a photograph of the gravestone. How should you manage this wealth of information in Gramps?

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September 21, 2012Permalink

Exponential Growth: Reach of My Family Tree

My family tree contains two types of people: sourced and unsourced. Every person without a source is marked as “private” and tagged as “unsourced” so that they do not “pollute” my family tree web site.

Gramps, my family tree software of choice, has a report option called “Number of Ancestors Report”. It generates the number of ancestors from each generation there are in a family tree. It lacks an option to exclude people marked as private. Below is a formatted version of the output report, which includes sourced and unsourced ancestors.

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